Sept. 28, 2016

Stream Conf 2016

Bently Reserve, San Francisco
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About Stream Conference 2016

About Stream Conf


Stream Conf 2016 explores the technologies, architectures, and business strategies for the Streaming Web. Devices, people, and markets increasingly rely on instant updates and realtime connectivity. Everything is changing: from the software architectures that power data streams to the business models that monetize them. Join technology thought leaders, software architects, innovators and investors to explore how always-on data streams will be managed, scaled, secured, and monetized in the months and years to come.Stream Conf 2015 Stats

“…Stream Conference, from a technology and how-to perspective, was the most valuable IoT conference I’ve ever attended. It was free of sales pitches and buzzword echo chambers and completely focused on how to make the Internet of Things happen and scale. The dialogue around common challenges and practical experience was helpful in confirming our own learnings as well as getting the benefits of valuable lessons from presenters and attendees.” – Stephen Bryant, IoT/M2M CTO, Tele2

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Current & Recent Speakers

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Todd Greene
Todd Greene
CEO, PubNub
Kira Makagon
EVP Innovation, Ring Central
David Bryant
Interim CTO & VP of Platform Engineering, Mozilla
John Oberon
VP of IoT Software Group, Cisco
brian leonard taskrabbit
Brian Leonard
Chief Architect, TaskRabbit
wilfried schobeiri mediamath
Wilfried Schobeiri
SVP, Technology at MediaMath
jai das sapphire ventures
Jai Das
Co-founder & Managing Director, Sapphire Ventures
lary lewis intel
Larry Lewis
Director - Strategy & Business Development IoT - Smart Homes & Buildings
anupam rastogi
Anupam Rastogi
Venture Capitalist, Nokia Growth Partners
atif noori emberlight
Atif Noori
Founder & CEO, Emberlight
jean lescure
Jean Lescure
Hacker, Speaker, Architect
Paul Roberts
Paul Roberts
Editor-in-Chief, The Security Ledger
kilton hopkins iotracks
Kilton Hopkins
Co-founder and CTO at iotracks
Chad Arimura
Chad Arimura
Co-founder, CEO
Phil Leggetter
Phil Leggetter
Realtime Technology Evangelist
josh marinacci
Josh Marinacci
Head of Evangelism, PubNub
Adrian Fernandez
Microcontroller Development Experience Manager at Texas Instruments
eric klein lemnos labs
Eric Klein
Partner, Lemnos Labs Inc.
Wendy Schott
Wendy Schott
CMO, PubNub
Dan Rosanova
Dan Rosanova
Principal Program Manager, Azure Messaging, Microsoft
Arin Sime
Arin Sime
CEO/Founder of and & Editor of RealTime Weekly
Amit Chaturvedy
Amit Chaturvedy
Head IoT Investments Fund, CISCO Investments
Guillermo Rauch
Guillermo Rauch
Creator, Socket.IO
Stephen Blum
Stephen Blum
CTO, PubNub
Joshua Krammes
Joshua Krammes
VP Community Dev, SoftLayer (IBM)
Ian Skerrett
Ian Skerrett
VP Ecosystem, Eclipse Foundation
Guy AlLee
Guy AlLee
PM of IoT Security, Intel
Chris Preimesberger
Chris Preimesberger
Editor, Features & Analysis at eWEEK
Gargi Adhav
Gargi Adhav
Director of Analytics, Cisco
Stephen Bryant
Stephen Bryant
CTO, Telenor Connexion AB
Kaivan Karimi
Kaivan Karimi
VP, GM of Wireless Solutions, Atmel
Mark Benson
Mark Benson
CTO, Exosite
Stream Conference 2016 Topics


Participate in focused conversation tracks that get to the core of the current state of data streams:

How Are Data Streams Disrupting Current Architecture Designs

ARCHITECTURE: How Data Stream-based Applications are Driving a new Software Stack

As software evolves to an “always on” data stream architecture, existing three-tier software architectures are being stretched to the limit to handle the latency, reliability and bandwidth requirements of data realtime applications and connected devices. Learn new architecture designs necessary for data stream-driven technologies, what standards and protocols that need to emerge, and how data streams will impact everything from business logic and data processing to security and analytics.

Data Security: App-Making Table Stakes

SECURITY: Challenges and Strategies for Data Stream-centric Security

Most of today’s security models revolve around systems, networks, and people. But data streams and data stream networks provide a new opportunity for addressing security at the data stream itself. Participate in discussions and panels that explore how to secure data streams and what security models work best.

Strategies to Fund and Grow Data Stream Driven Businesses

BUSINESS MODELS: Strategies to Fund and Grow Data Stream Driven Businesses

Requirements for live, streaming data are driving big changes ahead. What challenges and opportunities will this present? Top leaders in the industry give their perspectives and make predictions on how data streams shape business models and technology strategies, what monetization opportunities data streams are opening up and innovative investment funding strategies that lie ahead.

Triumphs & Lessons from the Battlefield

SUCCESSES AND FAILURES: Real-world Experience in Building and Scaling Data Stream-based Applications

Hear first-hand battle stories from companies that have built data stream-based apps, architectures and business models. What’s worked, what hasn’t and why.



The Bently Reserve is the epitome of everything San Francisco, boasting the West Coast's most advanced networking technologies, unparalleled eco-friendly operations, and the classic style of one of the Financial District's most distinguished buildings.
Bently Reserve, 301 Battery Street, San Francisco, CA 94111
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